NSX-T – Load Balancing

In my homelab, I have setup a 3 tier application using the following guide:


We will create and configure a Load Balancer for the Web Servers in NSX-T

  1. Click ADD TIER-1 GATEWAY, Enter a name for the Tier-1 Gateway, Select the Tier-0 Gateway and Edge Cluster(The edge nodes in the selected cluster must be of either medium or large size). Enable All LB VIP Routes under Route Advertisement:

  2. Edit the Tier-0 Gateway ROUTE RE-DISTRIBUTION and enable distribution of the Tier-1 LB VIP:

  1. Click Load Balancing, Click on ADD LOAD BALANCER, provide a name for the Load Balancer, select the size and select the Tier-1 gateway:

  1. Click MONITORS, ADD ACTIVE MONITOR, Select the monitor protocol, provide a name for the monitor, the monitoring port and click configure on the HTTP Request:

  1. Select the HTTP method, provide the HTTP request URL and HTTP Request Version:

  1. Click the HTTP Response Configuration tab, provide the HTTP Response Code or HTTP Response Body:

  2. Click SERVER POOLS, ADD SERVER POOL, provide a pool name and click Select Members:

  3. You can add pool members manually or select a group, I am using a group for the Web Servers based on the VM Name:

  4. Set the Active Monitor to the monitor created earlier:

  5. Click VIRTUAL SERVERS, ADD VIRTUAL SERVER, select the Type, provide a name for the Virtual Server, IP address, port, select the Load Balancer and Server Pool created earlier:

  6. Test the Virtual Server by browsing to the IP address or DNS name:



Thank you for Reading.

Ryandran Naidoo
Ryandran Naidoo
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