NSX-T - Configuring Tier-0 Static routing with HA VIP

NSX-T supports BGP, OSPF and Static routes for North-South routing.

In a previous post, I covered NSX-T OSPF routing:


For this post, I will be configuring Tier-0 Static routing with HA VIP.

The diagram below shows the high-level configuration for the Lab:

I am using a pair of virtual machines running FRRouting as the routers for the Lab.

FRR-01 Configuration

VLAN 30 is configured with interface VRRP is configured - Master

FRR-02 Configuration

VLAN 30 is configured with interface VRRP is configured - Backup


NSX-T Configuration

1. Create a VLAN segment that will be used for the uplinks between the T0 and the FRR routers for VLAN 30:

2. Create an Active/Standby Tier-0:

3. Create the interfaces for the Tier-0 gateway. Each Edge Node VM has a single uplink interface:

4. Add the Static route, I am using the default route. Set the next hop to the VRRP IP,

5. Set a HA VIP:

6. On the FRRouting VMs, add a static route for any overlay networks to the HA VIP




Thanks for reading.

Ryandran Naidoo
Ryandran Naidoo
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